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Terms Of Use

Note: The term "we" which is used in the text below, refers to the administration team for the website. 

We wish to restrict membership of the forum to WWAA members only. To do this, we have to check that the credentials you submit, when logging-on, namely your email address and your name belong to someone who is a member. When you first apply for an account ( or register )  we will check this by asking the Secretary to confirm that your name and email address are on the WWAA membership list.

We do not have access to the WWAA membership list, and therefore the only information we have about you is your email address and name. This information will be used only to confirm that you are a WWAA member. We will not use your name and email address for any other purpose We will not reveal your name and email address to any third party, unless ordered to do so by the police.

Your name and email address are stored on the website as an SHA1 digest.  This is a very secure way of storing passwords.  It is not strictly encryption because the password and email cannot be decrypted ( or "undigested" ) once they have been 'digested'. Every time you log on, the credentials you enter are 'digested' and compared with the digested versions stored in the database. 

 When you successfully log on, a cookie is placed on your computer so that it can remember that you are logged on to WWAA. This ensures that in a browsing session, you do not have to keep logging on every time you want to visit the foum.  This cookie is removed when you close the website down. The cookie is not permanent and is used only to remember your log-on status. It does not track, or remember, any details of your visit to the WWAA website.

 By registering with us, you implicitly agree to the above.

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