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Hunts Pond Road

Site Managers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., responsible for rows 1-15), Tel. 01489 589485,  Keith Johnson (rows 16-27) Tel. 01489 589388 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (rows 28-40) Tel. 01489 583671.


HPR Site Managers produce bi-monthly newsletters which are very interesting and informative.  Please take the time to read them.

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HPR Drainage Update 2018:

After the successful trial installation of the land drains on rows 32-35 in October 2016, the Site Managers on HPR decided to lobby the Committee to extend the scheme to cover rows 24-31.  This was because they received several complaints last winter/spring about sever flooding within those rows.  Rows 32-35 remained flood free.  Click here for information and photos.

HPR Drainage Trial October 2016:

See how a group of allotmenteers tackled the problem here.

HPR Bucket of Spuds - Prize-giving day:

After weeks of watering and nurturing it was finally time for the young growers to see what they had produced, in their bright orange buckets, from one single potato.  Sunday 16th August was a lovely morning and there was a good turnout for the weigh-in.

The winner was Danny Nuttal (pic 1), for the 'heaviest crop and largest potato'. The 'most potatoes' prize went to Noah Buckley (pic 2) and the 'most unusually shaped potato' was grown by Matilda Fernandez (pic 3, shown with her brother Louis). The winners seemed quite pleased with their prizes and all contestants received seeds from the Fareham in Bloom scheme. The children really seemed to enjoy this event and at least one contestant has been converted to eating fresh vegetables! It is hoped to run the challenge again in the future, subject to demand.  Here are some photos of the contestants at the prize-giving event.

Update on security at Hunts Pond Road:

Fareham Borough Council's Community Safety Officer has offered the following advice to plot holders:

"You will know as plot holders that those who tend allotments benefit hugely from being able to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, meeting people with a common interest and enjoying the normally peaceful nature of the sites.  For this reason, allotment crime can be damaging at many levels; damage to sheds can take hours to repair and the intrusion on plots can leave plot holders feeling vulnerable.

"Fareham Allotment Watch is a new project with Allotment Associations, Police, Fareham Borough Council and the local community working together to improve the security of allotment sites.  Allotment Watch leaflets, giving advice on simple crime prevention tips are available free of charge from your Site Manager.

"To help us reduce crime at your local allotment, please report any suspicious activity by telephoning 101.  Information received from plot holders can help us pinpoint timings and provide clues to the identities of people involved in allotment crime.  Please help us to keep your allotment safe".  In other words, nothing of any value should be kept in your sheds.

The first harvest from our allotment bees - August 2015:

Delicious honey is now available for sale from the bees on the Hunts Pond Road Allotment Only £4.00 for a 1lb jar.  See details...

HPR Bucket of Spuds Update - July 2015:

Well, we have two entries in our Spud Challenge so far - Noah and Danny.  Have a look at the pictures below - I think you'll agree, it will be a close contest to see who wins! The third picture shows Danny with his bucket, fork and spade on 11th May then, from left and right below: Danny's bucket on 20th July, Noah's bucket on 22nd July.

Message to the HPR Bucket Brigade:

Hello Bucket Brigade,

The buckets are being given out at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday  17th. May, at the site managers' shed, by the Trading Hut. If you cannot make that don't worry, we are using the B&Q builder's bucket, orange or black. We can drill holes in for drainage for you if that is a problem.

To chart the progress of everybody it is proposed to put a picture of each bucket on the HPR section of the WWAA web site. We can put the grower's picture with the bucket or just the bucket, the choice is yours. If you have your seed potatoes ready, off you go on Sunday. If not I am sure we can sort something out. We will also have some fertiliser for those who wish to use it.

Hope to see as many of you as possible on Sunday, fingers crossed for the weather.

Rules for the Potato Bucket Challenge 

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