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Sarisbury Allotment Site Projects

Amongst the current projects being carried out at the Sarisbury Green allotment site is the renovation of the ‘equipment container’ situated at the north end of the site. Purchased many years ago, the container was showing signs of age.

Container1This year, joint site manager Martin Wheeler has single-handedly cleared the rubbish surrounding the rear of the container, digging through tons of soil and removing buried lorry tyres. As part of the work, it was necessary to ‘underpin’ the right side to prevent the two ton container sinking in soft soil using ‘levers’ and manpower.Container2Container3It is now sitting squarely on the ground. Finally, and using his knowledge, skills and carpentry expertise, Martin stripped the existing leaking roof surface and replaced it with new roof metal panels. Later this autumn, it is hoped that managers will clean the exterior panels and paint the surface to prevent rusting.

The work thus far reflects great credit on Martin and has greatly improved the overall appearance of the area.

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