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Trading Hut News

The Trading Hut at Hunts Pond Road is now closed for business, due to re-open on 21st February 2021.

As from that date the Trading Hut will be stocking the following items:

- Over-winter onions, shallots, broad beans and peas will be available from October 2020.

- Potatoes (see list below), summer onions, shallots and peas will be available from 21st February 2021.

Please observe the following rules when purchasing items from the Hut:

  • Customer to stand behind yellow line at shop doorway
  • Only one customer in the shop doorway at any one time
  • No waiting by shop doorway within marked area
  • Preferred payment is by Cheque made out to WWAA
  • If paying by cash - place notes/coins in marked containers (note: they will be in disinfectant)
  • If you use a wheelbarrow it is to be cleaned/sprayed after use with cleaning solution by the other store.  If you use it you are responsible for cleaning it

Potato selection: as at 14th January 2021

First early:
  • Duke of York
  • Foremost
  • Lady Christl
Second early:
  • Charlotte
  • Nadine
  • Marfona
  • Wilja
Main crop:
  • Cara
  • Desire
  • Kerrs Pink
  • Orla
  • Picasso
  • Pink Fir Apple
  • Setanta

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