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Western Wards Allotments win prizes in Fareham in Bloom Competition

We are pleased to announce that, once again, our allotments have won prizes in the Fareham in Bloom Competition 2018.  Well done to all.  Winners are:

Allotment Garden up to 5 rods:

  • Mike and Fiona Seddon - Lodge Road 43D1- Gold
  • Elisa Hatherley - Hunts Pond Road 23B2 - Gold
  • Duncan Halls - Hunts Pond Road 25C1 - Silver Gilt
  • Patricia Shepherd - Lodge Road 44A2 - Silver Gilt

Allotment Garden over 5 rods:

  • Laurence and Annie Gander - Warsash 13A - Gold (see Laurence's experience below)
  • Sean and Jo Shaw - Hunts Pond Road 28D - Gold
  • Claire Tilbury - Lodge Road 43B - Gold
  • Geoff and Sandra Milam - Lodge Road 10 - Gold
  • Andrew Stockton (Sarisbury Juniors) - Sarisbury Green 32A - Silver

Best Kept Allotment Site Large:

  • Warsash - Gold
  • Hunts Pond Road - Silver Gilt
  • Allotment Road - Silver

Best Kept Allotment Site Small:

  • Lodge Road - Gold
Laurence Gandar, Warsash Plot 13A, says: "Have a go"!

"When we took over our plot it was a mess as always is the case, but over a few years we had tidied things up and it looked quite presentable.  We had always said that we were not going to get into competition but, spurred on by the fact that one of our fellow allotmenteers had won a Gold medal for their plot, and that the Warsash site won a Silver Gilt last year, I thought I would look up the details of how plots were marked on the Fareham in Bloom section of FBC's website

"I was delighted to find that the judges' marking only had 3 marks out of 100 against perennial weeds, as we are cursed with mare's tail!  The important thing to remember is that this is not a competition between plot holders. You get marks out of 100 to qualify for a grade of award, so it's possible for lots of plot holders to win an award. Fareham in Bloom Marking 2018 Sheet.

"Lots of plots on our site and probably many on other sites would score highly.  So I would encourage anyone to take a look at the judges' marking sheets and then walk round your plot to see how well you might do without making a special effort. To our surprise we won a Gold and also the Warsash site won a Gold.  Think how great it would be if we won lots more"!

Sarisbury Green Plotholder wins Best in Show

IMG 9717Abigail Harrison, pictured, won St. Mary's Church Reverend Nicky-Sue's Favourite Exhibit at the recent Warsash Village Garden Show.  Abigail also won Best in Show for her beautiful dahlias. Both Abigail and Robin Green, Site Manager, manned a stall for the Western Wards Allotment Association.  

This was a very well attended event and a large collection of exhibits displayed including flowers, vegetables, cakes and baking, photographic and hand made exhibits.  Exhibits were submitted by the Horticultural Society members, Warsash Allotment members and Sarisbury Allotment members. 

Of the exhibits submitted by Sarisbury Allotment Site for the first year at this show, Abigail 31B won a first prize and the Cup for 'Best In Show' for her Dahlia's exhibit.  In vegetable categories, Pam Barber 34B won 2 x 1st prizes and 2 x 2nd prizes, the Sarisbury Junior School 32A won 2 x 1st prizes and 2 x Highly Commended and Robin Green 32B won 1 x 2nd prize and 2 x Highly Commended. 

You can see more photos from the Show on the Allotment Road (Sarisbury Green) page and the recent news item Warsash Village Garden Show - 8th September 2018

Robin also reported: "You will also be pleased to note that some Sarisbury Allotment Plot holders submitted entries at the Sarisbury Horticultural Society Annual Show on 11th August and walked away with a number of 1st prizes.  The prize winners notably include the Junior School (again!) who achieved 4 x 1st Prizes and 1 x 2nd prize for vegetables.  An excellent achievement to add to their 1st prize at the Curdridge Show.  They really are showing the way forward with their produce despite having been established for such a short time.  It was subject of a lot of local positive comment.  In addition, John and Pam Barber (Plots 34/35B) won a 1st Prize for their 'cabbages' entry and Lucy Swanbrook (Plot 6B) won the Cup for best garden display".

STOP PRESS: We have just heard that Sarisbury Junior School have been awarded a Silver prize in this year's Fareham in Bloom competition.  Well done to you all and hope you will go for Gold in 2019!


WWAA New Tenancy Agreement

Dear Members,

After much revision by the Committee and lengthy negotiations, our new Tenancy Agreement has finally been approved by FBC. Please familiarise yourselves with the document contents, particularly the rules that could affect our neighbours. Though members have not yet signed a copy of the new lease, we are bound to abide to the changes contained within as the lease has been signed by our Trustees. It has been agreed at committee, the new Tenancy Agreement will be distributed to you at rent renewal time and you will need to sign a copy in order to continue working your plots.

The new tenancy agreement is a fair outcome for both the members of the WWAA and our local communities. I am confident it will ensure a thriving allotment society for the 15 years the lease will run.

Kind regards, Bob Hughes Chairman.

Warsash Village Garden Show - 8th September 2018

This event was hosted by the Warsash Horticultural Society who would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who entered items, or supported them in other ways, by making the Village Garden Show a great success.   Despite the unfavourable spring and summer weather conditions for growers this year, there were an impressive number of entries on the day, 240, which made for an interesting, and colourful, result overall. 

IMG 9630 resizedThe stage was beautifully decorated and included entries from the Hook with Warsash CE Academy. 

Reverend Nicky-Sue Terry of St. Mary’s Church, Warsash, awarded cups to the best entries from the following Classes:

Fruit and Vegetables    Andrea Buchan-Hepburn

Flowers                       Suzanne Holleyoak

Baking                         Sandy Gravestock

Photography                 Mike Dymond

Children’s                     Ruby Goddard

Nicky-Sue’s Favourite    Abigail Harrison 

Entries from Hook with Warsash Academy school children were judged separately and were so creative; we hope that their interest will remain with them as they grow up. 

The overall atmosphere in the hall was one of light-hearted enjoyment due partly to the hard work of the Warsash Horticultural Society committee but also the coming together of the residents of the village and local neighbourhood in the afternoon (200+) on a beautiful sunny day. 

Western Wards Allotment Association also hosted a table encouraging people to take up allotmenteering.  This generated some interest so it is hoped that there will be an uptake of plots at all sites.  Of the exhibits submitted by Sarisbury Allotment Site for the first year at this show, Abigail Harrison 31B won a first prize and the Cup for 'Best In Show' for her Dahlia's exhibit.  In vegetable categories, Pam Barber 34B won 2 x 1st prizes and 2 x 2nd prizes, the Sarisbury Junior School 32A won 2 x 1st prizes and 2 x Highly Commended and Robin Green 32B won 1 x 2nd prize and 2 x Highly Commended

The next Village Show will be in 2020 as this a biennial event and we hope to introduce a wider variety of entry classes on that occasion to encourage plotholders to take part.

Here are some pictures from the Show. 

 A full list of prizewinners can be viewed here.

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