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The WWAA is one of several associations in the borough of Fareham.  We have five busy sites in the Western Wards. You can visit each site's page by using the menu option "Our Sites" at the left.

Want an allotment? 

There are currently some vacancies so please check with the Site Managers below - their telephone numbers are listed below or look on our Who to Contact Page

Allotment Road, Sarisbury Green - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01489 580484, David Whitlock

Hunts Pond Road - Martin Barnett, 01489 589485 / Keith Johnson,01489 589388 / Alastair Burnett, 01489 583671

Lodge Road - Sandra Milam, 01489 582054

Posbrook Lane - John Parsons, 01329 665008 

Warsash - Gill Rock, 01489 576628

You can also e-mail us via this website. It's probably also a good idea to read the Tenancy Agreement - it is what you'll be signing up to, if you decide to go ahead. 

The Forum

Our forum is now up and running  - see the menu to the left. Anyone can read the forum contents, but only WWAA members with an account can write ( post ) to the forum. If you'd like to join the forum then you must:

1. Read the terms of use.

2. Apply for an account by sending us an email via the "Email Us" page, mentioning you desired User Name.

NEW - We have created a topic called 'Swap Shop' for those of you who have allotment items you no longer want/need - as they say 'what's one man's rubbish is another man's treasure'....

PDF Reader

Many of the pages on this site contains links to documents - minutes of meetings & things like that for example. They are all published in PDF ( Portable Document Format ). Your computer must have a PDF reader installed before you can read these documents. Nearly all modern computers have this installed when they are made. If your computer does not have a PDF reader installed, then visit our Links Page where you will find a link to a website which offers a free download. I have used this product for years - it works really well.

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